Odd Hours, No Pay, Cool Hat follows the inspiring journey of the most remarkable neighbors whose help you hope you never need – volunteer firefighters – as they encounter heart-breaking challenges and exhilarating triumphs to fulfill a single mission: serving their community. Heart-warming, humorous, and thrilling, this sweeping portrait of bravery will capture your heart and inspire.


Fire, EMS, and rescue agencies, you can join communities across the country to experience the documentary before its summer 2023 release, and turn this community movie screening into a volunteer recruitment event to increase your team. Firefighters and fire departments have free access to the film to host a community screening. EMS, first responder, and rescue departments as well as other first responder organizations and training agencies also have free access to the film if hosting a screening for the purposes of a recruitment or training event.

Hosting a screening is easy. When you sign up to host a screening, you’ll receive:

  • Early access to the film
  • If used during a recruitment or training event, access to the film is free
  • Firefighters and fire departments receive free access
  • Free how-to-host guide
  • Free discussion guide
  • Free social media toolkit and press kit
  • Access to the Odd Hours support team for assistance
  • An unforgettable event with your friends, colleagues, and community

A note about costs: you’ll get free access to the film! There may be a cost if you choose to rent a venue in your community or serve refreshments.

Learn more in the Community Screening Guide here and FAQ sheet.