"Odd Hours, No Pay, Cool Hat" takes viewers into the heart of the volunteer fire service, and by extension on a journey through the many facets of America. Locations like California’s wine (and wildfire) country, a small Nebraska farming community, and an Orthodox Jewish enclave of New York set the backdrop for a series of stories about service, personal growth, and finding purpose. Together they convey the depth, diversity, and critical role volunteer fire departments play across the country.

Told through an unexpected cast of characters, the film challenges stereotypes and preconceptions at every turn. Barbara is a beloved grandma by day and a badass EMT by night. Madely, a Salvadoran immigrant, shows what teenagers are capable of when given the opportunity. For Jaime, the volunteer fire service saved his life, and he now wants to pass on his lessons and legacy to his sons and grandson.

At a fragile and fractured point in our history, this film offers hope and optimism, and reminds us that we are all in this together.